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South Carolina’s Answer to Obamacare

Remnants of Civil War nullification are alive in South Carolina. We shall see if after a century and a half the judicial climate has changed. Will South Carolina be able to defy a questionably Constitutional Federal Law?

South Carolina voting on bill to end Obamacare in state
The Daily Caller: By Bruce Parker

A bill set for fast-track passage in the South Carolina Senate in January aims to eliminate Obamacare in the state. The law could become a model for other states fed up with the federal health-care law.

House Bill 3101, titled the “South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act,” passed the state House of Representatives last April by a 65-34 vote. The bill now heads to the GOP-controlled Senate with special-order priority, setting up the likelihood that South Carolina will become the first state to exempt citizens and businesses from all participation in the Affordable Care Act.

State Sen. Tom Davis, the bill’s sponsor who recently wrapped up study committee hearings for H3101 in Columbia, Charleston and other cities, says that the proposed legislation renders the Affordable Care Act void or inoperable through a handful of provisions.

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