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Beyond Intolerance

The left is not just intolerant of diverse opinion, it must ruthlessly stamp out those who merely hold opinions divergent from leftist orthodoxy. For the left, to hold an opinion is no different from actively advocating that opinion; and those divergent opinions cannot be allowed to exist. Conformity is mandatory.

PJ Media: BY Richard Fernandez, April 5th, 2014 – 8:16 am

Much of the shock following the removal of Brendan Eich from the position of Mozilla CEO came from the realization that, in a manner of speaking, America was now at war. True it’s a culture war, not a physical conflict. But if you were waiting for the moment when the Cold Civil War actually begins, this might be it.

Not that anyone should have been taken aback. After all, Larry Summers was sacked as president of Harvard following his criticism of Cornell West’s rap album and as a result of a 2005 speech in which he suggested that the under-representation of women in science and engineering could be due to a “different availability of aptitude at the high end”.
Mark Steyn, National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute are being sued for defamation by Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann for criticizing the theory of Global Warming. The Gannet newspapers declared open season on gun-owners by publishing a map showing the names and addresses of registered New York gun owners, as a kind of dinner bell for burglars. “Come and rob … me”.

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